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750 Thoughts

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This page will contain my thoughts on 750 and the lesser demons it will summon


No Group Summoning. I am personally against group summoning in any form outside of a quest environment. To me, if you can't do it alone, you shouldn't be able to do it in a group. Perhaps I'd be more inclined to like the idea if summoning in a group didn't allow those that are not properly trained to summon things they normally could not. Basically the group would be more "rp fluff" then any real effect.

Control bands. I suggested these for minor demons to allow a level of customization, a small one, but customization none the less. The basic idea of them would be carried over to Major demons. They would be a band of material that would be attached to the demon somehow. Neck, arm, leg, wing, wrist etc. Picking an area leads to further small customization. It would give the sorcerer a small boost in controling the demon. For minor demons, it would remain fluff. Allow the ones with more training in demonology perhaps with an alchemy tie in, to create better control bands, giving a way for those higher trained to help those with little training. If the bands have charges, allow the process of re-charging them to be like the creation process, perhaps sacrificing a fresh control band to be "Fused/phased" with the old one. This type of re-charging (if they are not unlimited) allows a sorcerer to customize the bands and get them altered.

Group components. I have nothing against groups of sorceres helping each other out, I just don't want it part of the actual act of summoning. Allow a group of sorcerers to come together and create components. Whether that is chalk, or the actual drawing of a summoning circle. (assuming it goes a circle route). For a group to help create the summoning circle say, with one sorcerer drawing runes for another, is not group summoning to me. Its helping with creating the runestone.

Summoning Horcruxs. A small sphere or orb that holds summoning components. What I mean by this is you would create the horcrux with all the circles and runes for summoning that you wanted, then later down the road when you wanted to summon something, you break it on the ground and the magical essence contained with in, slithers and writhes its way across t he ground to form the circle and runes. You get a bonus for using one that you created. And only highly skilled demonologists have a chance of creating them.

While the primary focus of 750 will be attack demons, I 'd like for some utility to be mixed in. For example you summon a "Blacksmith" demon and he may be a little on the weak side for attacking, but he will create a temporary enhancment to your armor, that will aid you in some fashion. The same could be done for other things. Demons would definity need their own spells. Though, make the process of demon spell casting to be random. Of course a distinction between offensive and defensive. Allow those who have high skill in demonlogy to be able to discern the different spells, allowing them to control the demon to cast a specific one.

Demon languages. Have demons speak a language, either like trolls or ithzir. Or simply one that can be selected by demonologist via speak. I'd actually prefer a combination of the two. A sorcerer picks it via speak, but the stuff he says to outsiders is actually showing is the language. Allow when speaking in the demons own language for one to have a better control over the demon.

Mountable demons. Allow a demon to be summoned that can be used via the pegasus system. While its not exactly sorcerous teleportation, it is a unique way for sorcerers to travel. And would just be alot more cool then riding a winged horse.

Tandem summonings. As in two sorcerers summon a different demon, but if told to attack together they perform special manuvers for being together. Think of it like pokemon, where pikachu and squirtle would combine lightning with water for an attack. These manuvers could also be tied to a mount demon and a rider. Giving added functionality to two sorcerers working in co-operation, which allows those who want a group summoning so 5 sorcerers can hold hands and decimate things, t hat chance. But via two demons working jointly rather then one demon.

That is all for now, I'll have more thoughts at another time. Along the lines of demons sacrifcing themselves for you, dragging, etc. Perhaps defining abilities more of what they should have.

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