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To work on guild skills, you must first, of course, be a member of the guild.  To become a member you must have reached level 15 and have received an invitation.  This invitation should come automatically sometime shortly after you reach level fifteen, but these invitations go out at various times to candidates who happen to be logged into the game at the time.  There have been some sorcerers who did not receive the invitation until a few levels later because they just happened to not be logged in at any of the previous delivery times.  Keep in mind, too, that you may have just missed your invitation because of screen scroll.  If you aren’t sure, you can always go to the guild and check by trying to become a member.

To become a member, you must take 3000 silvers with you to the Guild Master’s Office.  You can ask the Guild Master about membership, take the Guild Oath, and become a member.  Once you have become a member, you will have to pay 1500 silvers per month to remain a member.  You can get up to three months behind and a warning or two before getting kicked out, so you should try not to go past being two months behind with your guild dues.

Once you are a member you can begin to work on guild skills.  To do so, you will first need to see the Training Administrator.  Once you find the Administrator, ask about training and you will be given instructions on who to see and what to do.


"In GemStone IV, Sorcerers create Illusions by using elemental and spiritual mana to pull reality apart and to twist it into the perceived shape the Sorcerer wishes. This reality is very tangible and can affect normal reality. However, it is not a permanent form of reality. Eye Spy, Quake, and other Illusionary forms of Sorcerer magic work in the same respect." -GM Lothwyn


There are certain factors that make it easier for a sorcerer to perform an illusion. However it is not known how these things influence our ability to create illusions. The factors that determine a sorcerers ability to create illusions is as follows:



There are a total of 63 ranks in the skill.   The skill is composed of six different illusions, which you will work on in sequence as you progress through the ranks. The ranks during which you will work on a particular illusion are:

















What you must remember is that there are actually two rank numbers, that you will see when you typ "gld". This command will also provide useful information about the guild.

>>You currently have 59 ranks out of a possible 204 for your training.

The above is your number of ranks in the guild, and your possible ranks for your training. These ranks count 0 as the first rank. The last number, the possible ranks for your training, will increase as you gain levels. This number represents the maximum number of ranks you can gain in the guild, it is commonly referred to as your "guild wall". The closer you get to this "wall" the more points per rank it will take to gain a rank in a skill. The number will still increase as you get near to mastery of the skill, but someone with a lower guild wall will most likely have more points needed to gain the next rank.

>>You have 60 ranks in the Illusions skill.

The above is your actually rank in the illusions skill. this number starts at 1, and that is why it is 1 higher then the first set of ranks.

Once you have gained all the points you need to move to the next rank, you must go see the Guild Master to be promoted.  The command you will use is ASK <GUILD MASTER> ABOUT NEXT ILLUSION.



There are four tasks for illusions, and the one you are assigned seems to be random.  When you are assigned a task you will also be told how many times you need to repeat what you are doing in order to have successfully completed the task.  These are known as repetitions.  The tasks include teaching, learning, speed and audience.


The teaching task requires that you teach illusions to a fellow guild member.  Once you teach someone, that person must successfully create that illusion within a certain amount of time.  If they do, you will have completed one repetition for that task.  To teach a person, use the command ILLUSION TEACH <PERSON> <ILLUSION>.  So, if you were teaching the rose illusion to Eredhen, you would enter ILLUSION TEACH EREDHEN ROSE.


The learning task requires that someone teach you.  After you have been taught, you must successfully create that illusion within a certain amount of time.  If you do, you will have completed one repetition for that task.


The speed task requires that you make a certain number of illusions within a minute.  If you can successfully create that number of illusions within a minute you will have completed one repetition for that task.


The audience task requires that you successfully create an illusion in front of an audience.  According to Carabele, the audience must consist of five people other than you, or two guild members other than you (each guild member counts as 2.5 people).  This does not mean you can have three people and one guild member.  The two do not combine, so you must have one OR the other.  After successfully created an illusion in front of an audience and getting a repetition, you must wait at least 30 seconds before another successful creation will count toward your repetitions.

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