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Runes in GemStone IV are used to aid certain spells. They work in sorcery spells, major spirit spells and wizard spells. This page will focus on the sorcery runes for demon summoning. The general rune creation process will be talked about, but there is no need for a demonologist to bother with those runes of the other professions.


To create a rune that can be used in summoning a demon you will need a few things. What you will need is a brush, ink, water and a runestone. All of these can be bought at the alchemist shops around the game. Some alchemist shops, like the landing do not carry the supplies, so you would need to head to the alchemist in the Northern Canvasary. The runestone from an alchemist shop can be swapped out for a smooth stone or another gem that ends with the noun "stone". To use one of those other surfaces, you will need to first prepare them with an Aish'vark potion. The runestones sold from the alchemist shop already come prepared so no aish'vark potion is needed. Of note is that the zul'logoth alchemist does not sell aish'vark potions.

Once you have a prepared surface, you can begin the process of drawing the rune. You first need to get your brush cover in ink. This is accomplished by DIP MY BRUSH IN MY INK. Once you do that your brush will now have ink on it for two uses. Put your ink away and bring out the runestone or stone you wish to draw on. To draw on the rune you would need to use DRAW <RUNE NAME> RUNE ON MY <SURFACE> WITH MY BRUSH For instance if you were using a smooth stone for your surface and wanted to draw the shien'tyr rune the command you would enter would look like this : Draw shien'tyr rune on my stone with my brush. If you have used the two uses of ink on your brush you will need to clean it off. In order to clean your brush off you will need to use the cup of water you bought from the alchemist shop. To do this you use the command DIP MY BRUSH IN MY CUP . Your brush will now be clean, and your water will have traces of the last color of ink used.

The color of ink you use does not matter, as it does not show up once you draw the rune. It is a fluff factor. Drawing a rune perfectly has no effect, nor does the value of the surface you are using. So there is no reason to use pink morganite stone over a smooth stone. Use what ever is cheapest for you. Remember that a runestone bought from the alchemist will generally be more expensive then buying a smooth stone and an aishvark potion. But the cheapest way for a rune is to buy one from the guild shop. Those are around 2.5k each and last 3-4 summons. One you draw yourself however will last more. So there are tradeoffs.


Common runes used to summon demons:



This rune summons the imps and Griks
Shien'tyr This rune summons Shien and Aishan.
Lorae'tyr This rune summons the Abyran, Verlok, Igaesha and Grantris

These three runes are considered first tier runes as they are valence specific only. And will summon a random demon from which ever valance it reference. For instance summoning with the Grik'tyr rune you will summon 1 of 5 demons from that valance. Those five demons are an imp, and the four different types of griks. So you have the ability to summon a random demon from those valances, but the chances of getting a specifc demon depend on how many types of that race of demons exist on that valance.

First tier runes require 50 ranks of demonology lore to summon without fail outside of a summoning chamber.

Uncommon runes used to summon demons:


Uncommon runes are runes that must be taught to you by someone else. These runes so far comprise of second and third tier runes. A second tier rune is one that is race specific. A lorae'tyr-abyran is a second tier rune. So is a shien'tyr-aishan. A third tier rune is a demon specific rune, if that demon has more then one type. So a shien'tyr-shadowling would be considered a third tier rune as there are two types of shien, shadowlings and darklings. However a girk'tyr-imp will not, as there is only one type of imp, so it is the same as a second tier rune.

Second tier runes require 100 ranks of demonology lore to summon without fail outside of a summoning chamber. Third tier runes have not yet been discovered the exact number of rank needed to summon without fail outside of a summoning chamber, but it is more then the 100 ranks required for second tier runes. If third tier follows the same progression as the first and second tiers, then it would 150 ranks.

These runes will have limite release as the game masters wish these runes to remain unique and rare. They could be released at any time in GemStone IV, it is up to the whims of the game masters. Though rp is a favored method. So far uncommon runes have been released at a Pay event (the wave dancer) and a player-run event. The option for runes to be released was present during the release event of 730, but no one knew to ask the npc. These three methods mentioned are not the only ways to get a runestone. You could be a sorcerer roleplaying in the catacombs and recieve one. The uncommon runes have a limited amount of times they can be taught to others. This is to control the number that is released. And a person that learns a rune can not teach it.

However this restrictions can be changed for a certain rune. Currently none of the sorcery demon runes are like that.

Vakra Rune


The Vakra rune is a rune that is highly useful to all sorcerers, it allows one to refresh the link between the summoner and the demon. You create this rune the same way as the other runes, but it is not activated the same way. To activate this rune you simply rub it when you are holding it, your demon does not need to be present in the room for the rune to work. The rune as mentioned before will refresh the link between the sorcerer and the demon, keeping it in this realm longer. It will refresh for the full duration available to you. If you are in a summoning chamber when using this rune your duration will be increased an extra 10 minutes This run will last for around 20 rubs when using an aish'vark potion. As it is about 400 silvers per charge. And Aish'vark potions are around 8k in price, so that is 20 charges.


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