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Summoning Chambers

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Throughout Elanthia there exists specially created chambers that will boost and enhance the power of demonic summoning spells. Chambers that are available to the adventuring sorcerers are located in each guild. Each Guild has one, but how to enter them is hidden. I will not reveal the location of them here, as they are not to hard to find, and are fun to find.

The Summoning chamber will around about 25 ranks of demonology lore when using one.

When refreshing a demon with a Vakra rune in a summoning chamber you will get an additional 10 minutes added on to your normal duartion.


[Summoning Chamber]
Total darkness engulfs this deathly cold room, yet the air feels charged with electricity. At random intervals blue electricity crawls from the four walls to meet in the floor's center before disappearing. In those moments the room is eerily illuminated, presenting obsidian surfaces polished to a mirror-like finish and with no apparent seams. The constant magnified thump of a slow heartbeat is the chamber's only sound.


[Summoning Chamber]
The cedar planks and supports containing this small room creak ominously, as if bearing a huge weight. A thriving colony of sea lichen blankets the floor, and a single guttering torch casts a pale illumination in this hot, salty room. Strange pulsations and rings of reddish light move underneath the lichen, inward from the walls to meet at the room's center. The constant magnified sound of a slow heartbeat reverberates in the chamber.

>>Many of the planks appear rotten, and a thick reddish-brown substance oozes from between them.

>>The lichen appears to be thriving in the pale lighting and hot, moist conditions. The lichen's greasy green tendrils move nearly imperceptibly, groping about on the squishy floor.

>>The torch barely burns, its flame flickering out only to burst forth once again. Strangely, the flame never seems to consume any of the torch's substance.


[Summoning Chamber]
The walls, floor and ceiling of this chamber are solid, seamless, unbroken ice. Illumination arises from the glowing floor. There, underneath the ice, veins of crimson energy flow from the walls toward the center of the room. The rivers of energy pulsate, matching the deep thumping of an unseen beating heart.
Obvious exits: none

The veins of crimson energy move slowly in time with the heartbeats, converging at the center of the room but never seeming to get any larger.


[Summoning Chamber]
The room shifts and heaves, making it difficult to stay standing on the slick floor. The walls, floor and ceiling contract and expand, stretching and then snapping back to form an irregular sphere. The surfaces are mottled and hot, looking and feeling more like raw flesh than anything else. Veins of glowing crimson liquid run down walls, under the surface, to enter a sucking wound in the center of the floor. The liquid moves to the sound of a beating heart and barely illuminates the cramped chamber
Obvious exits: none

Summoning Chamber Ambient Messaging for Chambers:

>>Something warm passes by invisibly, leaving a sickly sweet odor in the air.
>>An uncontrollable sobbing suddenly pervades the area, then slowly withdraws and fades away entirely.
>>The heartbeat picks up rapidly, becoming louder and more insistent. A shadowy, slightly glowing presence begins to materialize in the center of the room...then it fades, and the heartbeat returns to its normal slow speed.
>>The heartbeat suddenly becomes irregular, slowing, stuttering, before resuming its normal slow pace.


You step into the center of the sigils and they begin to pulse rapidly until you feel yourself being pulled down... down... down...

[Summoning Chamber]
Incarnadine sigils wrap around the circular chamber in a tight embrace, their luminescent surfaces casting a bloody light throughout the surroundings as they hum and pulse with power. A triple-band of the angular sigils forms a tight circle in the middle of the floor, the designs there casting a steady pale violet glow as the rest of the room is intermittently cast in darkness by the wavering symbols around you.
Obvious exits: out

Note: There is no ambient messaging while inside the Summoning chamber.


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