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Congrats on finding the little hidden page. I felt like hiding it rather then out in the open because the unknown is something cool that I feel is a little game secret. While yes the summoning chambers are shown, the unknown is what is between the world and the chambers, so if you found those you have already seen these. Some are actual things in gemstone like the glaesen star, while others are showing dragon realms. Over all they are some interesting things. Ta'illistim does not have an unknown area.

Entering unkown:
Darkness envelops you, and your essence feels as if it is being pulled savagely in several directions at once. The whirling, tumbling journey suddenly stops...
Ambient Messaging for all chambers:
You hear an annoying buzz building in the back of your mind.
The buzzing increases in intensity, making it difficult to focus.
The buzzing reaches a feverish pitch and painful sensations shoot through your brain.
The buzzing becomes overwhelming, crushing and rending your mind!
The buzzing tears at your sanity! Your mind cries out for relief from this mental torture!



The bustle of crowds making their way between secular centers of town that converge here carries people along with its momentum. The granite and marble facade of the First Provincial Bank stands solidly, a strange-looking guard armed with pike and crossbow posted at the door. A number of well-dressed reptiles congregate outside. Dwarves, elves, halflings and humans move in the crowd, but there are also more snakelike creatures, gnomes and furry, catlike sorts, although no one seems to take notice.
Obvious paths: none

There is an impressive bronze sign alongside the bank entrance, which itself is flanked by marble pillars.

In the Common language, it reads:
<--- NOW OPEN! ---> MAMAS Company brings precision to your heaving and hauling!

These reptiles are well dressed, but nothing in Elanthia is like them. They stands tall and lithe, cold skin glistening with a faint tracery of scales. Slitted pupils slash their eyes down the middle and short tails curl restlessly behind them.

The guard is tall and muscular with dark green skin covering a massive, hairless frame. Dull dark eyes examine the passers-by carefully, and the guard radiates a sense of solidity and permanence.

Ambient Messaging for Teras:

>>The crowd thins for a bit, then a new rush of citizens fills the streets once more.
>>The guard scratches itself idly.
>>One of the snakelike creatures gestures wildly for a moment, then leans over and seems to whisper something to another
>>A group of humans, their features obscured by their cloaks, exits the bank and moves down the street out of sight.
>>A small, hunched figure leaning against the bank glances at the guard, then suddenly reaches into the pocket of a passerby and pulls something out, quickly depositing it in its own pocket.



Two ships lock in close combat, grappling lines tangled in each other's rigging. Krolvin warriors leap from the right hand warship's deck to engage the defenders in the huge ship on the left. Blood flows freely as the fight seesaws back and forth, neither side gaining advantage. The ships yaw slightly in the rough seas, and black clouds gather ominously on the horizon. Despite the pitched battle, no senses other than sight seem to function.
Obvious paths: none

The krolvin warship is built for speed and battle. The black hull is heavily weathered, and the sails are yellowed, indicating an experienced ship of the line. The warship points away from you, and a small door on the stern flops open and closed as the ship rolls in the heavy seas.

The merchant ship's crew seems to be holding their own against the krolvin onslaught. The ship itself is rugged and built to giantman proportions, with crenellated fore and aft castles. There is a small nameplate affixed to the bow.

You see nothing unusual.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:
Glaesen Star

Rough seas roll the two ships heavily, causing footing problems for both crews. You stand on the same seas, yet they wash through you without even dampening you.

A nasty storm seems to be brewing.

Ambient Messaging for Landing:
>>A figure appears at the small door in the stern of the krolvin warship, a terrified expression on its face. It lingers a moment, then darts back inside.

>>A fire breaks out toward the stern of the merchant ship but is quickly extinguished.

>>A large dorsal fin slides into view, cutting easily through the water. It moves toward something bobbing in the seas, then a pointed black head with a gaping, sharp-toothed maw breaks the water to engulf the item, and the head slips underneath the surface again. The fin moves slowly behind the ships and out of sight.

>>A krolvin warfarer raises her hand, and most of those fighting on the other ship fall only to rise again and return to the battle.

>>Lightning streaks down from the black clouds to strike the ocean horizon.



A huge blood red sun shines malevolently over a cracked, dusty land. A few bushes and scrub grasses fight for survival. The remains of a large tree trunk stand just to the west, and a black hole looms to the east. The landscape is dominated by hillocks of burnt ochre stone, and a stiff wind stirs the dust into heavy, tight cyclones. The view wavers as if heat was rising from this purgatory, but nothing is felt, nor heard, nor smelled, nor tasted...only seen.
Obvious paths: none

The sun is easily four times as large as Elanthia's and appears to be much closer.

Gnarled and barely alive, the few bushes protrude only a few feet above the ground. A scattering of oily, dark green leaves cling desperately to blackened twigs.

The hole is dark and foreboding. Light does not appear to penetrate to any distance.

The hillocks are scoured smooth by the constant wind and crisscrossed with a myriad of cracks, evidence of constant seismic activity.

Ambient Messaging for Icemule:

>>An electrical charge suddenly leaps from hillock to hillock.
>>A red crablike creature scuttles across the near hillock, pauses at the top, then scuttles out of sight again.
>>You see the ground shake briefly, but feel no tremors.
>>Something large rises on expansive wings just over the horizon, in front of the sun, then falls back down out of sight.
>>The wind picks up, blowing dust around faster until the sun is nearly obscured. As quickly as it came the wind subsides, and the dust settles back down.

Rivers Rest:


Thousands of undead move past, slowly advancing toward an outnumbered band of elven defenders perched atop a far off rise. A lone figure in black behind the undead horde stands with arms upraised, urging the army forward relentlessly. Streaks of lightning flash constantly among the roiling dark clouds above, leaving slowly fading crimson trails. The land is parched and dead with innumerable cracks running through the barren ground and around the boulders. No senses other than sight seem to function.
Obvious paths: none

The elven defenders are prepared for war. Shields are arrayed in a tight wall, and sharp lances and longswords glitter just behind.

The undead army contains innumerable types. Arch wights stride boldly forward, towering over mummies, ghosts and wolfshades. Rotting corpses drag themselves toward the rise, and here and there banshees scream soundlessly.

The land appears to have had no rain in years, and the topsoil has blown away revealing a heavily fragmented lower layer. Near one large rock formation a particularly large crack yawns.

The land is strewn with bleached, wind-scoured rocks. A huge rounded boulder rests partially buried in the earth nearby, as if something had dropped it there long ago.

Ambient Messaging for Rivers Rest:

>>The elves on the rise shift position, bunching more tightly in one spot and moving apart in another.
>>One of the undead stumbles and falls, causing many around it to do the same. All slowly arise and move forward again.
>>Packs of ghost wolves and wolfshades run ahead of the army a bit, then stop and wait for the others to catch up.
>>The figure in black rolls its hands to one side, and the entire undead army shifts in that direction.



A large, well-dressed adult troll stands in front of a long black slate mounted on the east wall, alternately marking on it with a piece of chalk and gesturing at the group of young trolls gathered on benches in front of it. Two doors lead out of this austere room, one north and one south. A spacious cage resides in the northeast corner with a cramped cage beside it. Moonlight streams in from large windows covered with opaque white strips of metal hung in a series. Silence pervades the area.
Obvious exits: none

Twenty or so young trolls sit on benches and pay rapt attention, for the most part, to the large troll in front of them. Their attire varies widely, but all seem to be well dressed and shod.

A rectangular black slate hangs from the north wall. It is covered in strange white scribblings in an unknown language, but some of the illustrations look similar to drawings of people's innards.

The grey adult troll stands upright and wears a long, clean, white robe. It marks on the slate and appears to speak to the group of young trolls, gesturing emphatically every so often. The troll's feet are shod in fine leather shoes, and it wears a pair of gold horn-rimmed spectacles. Its eyes sparkle with intelligence.

A simple wooden door leads out of the room.

A simple wooden door leads out of the room.

The smaller cage houses a sleeping dark elf, curled in a fetal position and partially covered by a ragged, light blue blanket. The elf's black hair covers most of its facial features, and it lies unmoving next to a bowl of water.

A cage roomy enough to hold a few orcs nestles in the northeast corner. The sole occupant is a feral-looking human, dressed in a ragged loincloth and rather unkempt. Long, matted blonde hair tumbles down its face and shoulders, and its long, dirty fingernails clench at the bars as it stares out blankly at the gathered trolls.

There is no ambient messaging for Solhaven.

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