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What are they?

Demons in gemstone with the most basic of definitions are creatures from another valence. There are no other stipulations for something to be a demon, however how they are perveived is often different then what they actually are. A demon can be evil, good, or whatever it chooses to be. It has the same capacity as an elf or a human in those regards. Nothing says that a demon is inherently evil in gemstone, that is a notion that many real-world views of demons portray. If demons may be labled as something, they can be labled as chaotic. Though that itself does not help much as there is no alignment system in gemstone. Their chaotic nature is what makes them what they are, how they look, what they can do.

Someone will say demons can only be evil, that is their right to believe what they want, but in regards to demons in elanthia they would be wrong. Demons however have been responsible for some of the most historical impacting events and the most horrific. So much of elanthia will regard demons as evil. Demons have also been used for tasks that are far from evil. The Faendryl have used demons to plant crops and to build their new home after they were exiled.

When a demon is summoned they will be upset at being pulled from their home, and the official stance is that all demons will want to kill you. While I don't agree with it, as there exists the potential for some demons not be like that, it is the view held by gm's with the most influence over demons. Why could there not be a demon that just wants to get home, one that is indifferent.



There are differeing classifications of demons in the world, two to be exact. Those two classifications are Major and Lesser demons. Major demons are as you can tell from the above qoute by nilven, creatures like the Vvrael and at the high end the Ur-daemons. Remember that the Vvrael found in the rift are merely servents and not actual Vvrael, so the power of any Major demon is something that would cause the arkati to be concerned. The second classification is Lesser. This covers those lower then Major demons, so pretty much the left overs. The special thing about the Lesser classification is that it also holds a sub-classification. That sub-classification is Minor. Minor demons refers to any demon that is summoned via 725, and those are demons that are at the extreme low end of the Lesser scale.

The following is a small chart to represent these classifications


Players will never summon major demons with one of their spells, so many feel it is fine to refer to lesser demons as Major, but that just adds to the confusion for people who do not know. It is better, and accurate, to call them what they are, Lesser demons.


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