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Cloak of Shadows Story

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What Follows is a log of the release event for cloak of shadows, and the story that is known to be behind it.

You see Krinias Ramlin the Sorcerer.
He appears to be a Human from Hendor.
He appears to be wizened with age and average height. He has dark-rimmed steel grey eyes and fair skin. He has chin length, fine steel grey hair worn in elaborate braids. He has an angular face, a classical nose and a tangled beard. He has a small but complex glyph carved into the side of his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a small translucent orb in his right hand and a glowing orb-capped staff in his left hand.
He is wearing a pair of black leather boots, some flowing black robes with silver threading interspersed throughout the sleeves, a silk black belt with gold tasseled ends, a soulstone bracelet, and a cloak of shadows.

Krinias was visiting Solhaven from Ta'Faendryl. Something at Solhaven, North Market South caused the cloak to react violently toward Krinias who had to release it before it killed him. The cloak seeped into the ground and grew in power from the mana flows. Krinias requested a mein shard and more sorcerers so a band of us treked to Wehnimer's Landing to then go to Darkstone. We gathered in the clearing north of the North gate. A group went to Darkstone to fetch a shard for Krinias to use in his spell. Here's the log...

Krinias asks, "Might someone call for the aid of our brethern?"
Krinias says, "And I shall begin to explain what has happened."
Krinias mutters under his breath.
Krinias says, "I wish for all who can lend strength of mind."
Gruenbak offers Krinias a mein shard.
Krinias slings a glowing orb-capped staff over his shoulder.
Krinias accepts Gruenbak's mein shard.
Krinias says, "You've done well."
Krinias inclines his head slightly towards Gruenbak.
Gruenbak bows to Krinias.
Krinias says, "We thank you."
Krinias nods.
Krinias says, "If all shall quite down I shall explain what has happened."
Krinias says, "For some time I have been the wearer of what is simply known as the Cloak of Shadows."
Krinias says, "It held great power..."
Krinias says, "Beyond that of which is seen in most generations."
Krinias says, "My master, a Faendryl sorcerer, gave me the cloak upon his death."
Krinias says, "I've always struggled to contain it, as it has been willfully."
Krinias says, "But it has never acted as violently as it has tonight."
Krinias says, "I fear I was tired and it used the opportunity to escape."
Krinias says, "It tried to kill me."
Krinias says, "I was able to force it away with the help of..."
Krinias points at Gruenbak.
You hear the voice of Jinxt softly say, "Why a Faendryl elf would trust such an item of power in the hands of a human Ill never know.."
Krinias glares.
Krinias says, "Do not tempt me to show you, I am weary of this night enough as it is."
Krinias says, "It entered the flows..."
Krinias sighs.
Krinias says, "Where it is tapping into the mana of Elanthia."
Krinias says, "And is growing in power."
Krinias says, "But I fear the power it has gained in its short time in the flows makes it too strong for me to wear it anymore."
Krinias says, "I shall need the aid of all of our profession to bear this burden."
Krinias says, "Such power should not be destroyed."
Krinias asks, "Are those here willing?"
Krinias nods.
Krinias says, "I had wished for more of those of the Art, but I fear we have no time."
Krinias says, "I shall attempt to tap into their power from afar."
Krinias says, "We must begin. I warn ye, if ye fear danger and death, leave now."
Krinias says, "I request quite...."
Krinias says, "Quiet, rather."
Krinias coughs.
Krinias raises his mein shard above his head which pulses with a dark light.
The mein shard that Krinias is holding above his head emits sparks of energy as Krinias begins gesturing in an arcane tongue.
A shadowy patch of ether rises out of the ground.
Krinias says, "Stand behind me, all..."
Krinias's mein shard begins to undulate, shaking Krinias's hands in the process.
A sharp wail rises out of the patch of ether as it curls in on itself.
Krinias says, "You shall be subservient again, shadow."
Krinias's eyes glow with a dark aura as he incants phrases of long lost magic towards the patch of ether.
Krinias waves a mein shard around.
The shadowy ether begins writhing violently.
[A Quiet Path]
A stray breeze trails through from the north, carrying with it the scent of lavender and, oddly, grilled rolton. Though many might ponder this strange combination of fragrances, the truly remarkable aspect of this quiet path lies in the regal beauty of the ancient trees whose branches reach out overhead, offering welcome to all who pass. You also see a shadowy patch of ether, the Kilthal disk, a roped-off clearing, a grey stone walkway and a shaded path.
Also here: Amadaias, Ashren, Blades, Darra, Werileo, Lord Xanith, Malliche, Krissella, Gazda, Rableani, Gahread, Radamanthys, Tallula, Lord Seigurd, Luxrious, Danialle, Bobmuhthol, Gruenbak, High Lady Enchandri, Rimalon, Kilthal, Jaela, Desorceri, Pulpit, Lady Lhel, Ashmodai, Jekeld, Faeryfire, Krinias
Obvious paths: north, south
Krinias says, "Ye shall nae harm."
The ether begins to collapse in on itself.
The ether vanishes into a fine mist.
Krinias collapses.
Krinias slowly begins to right himself.
Krinias says, "It is in the flows..."
Krinias says, "But I believe I have placed it under our command."
Krinias gestures.
A shadowy patch of ether rises up through the ground to encompass Krinias, swiftly sinking into his skin.
Krinias says, "It was much too strong."
Krinias says, "I forced it back into the flows of mana, where it while lie subservient to every sorcerer."
Krinias says, "If we all draw power from it, it should never grow strong enough to pose a thread."
The mein shard that Krinias is holding begins shaking.
Krinias stares at his mein shard with distress.
The mein shard suddenly bursts into a thousand pieces. Before it can reach the assembled crowd Krinias's eyes glow with power and the pieces vanish.
Krinias says, "I feel the threat is still here."
Krinias says, "But it is contained."
Krinias nods.
Krinias says, "Draw upon its power wisely my brethern."
Krinias says, "The Art is never safe."
Krinias says, "I fear I must rest."
Krinias says, "The ritual has made me weary."
Krinias says, "I thank all those who aided the Art this day."
Krinias says, "I think I shall return to New Ta'Faendryl and tell my master's other disciples of what happened."
Krinias says, "It is good that there was no suffering."
Krinias nods.
Krinias says, "The power assembled here kept the shadow at bay."
Krinias says, "Spread word to our brethern of their new duty, they helped create the power which controls it."
Krinias vanishes into a fine crimson mist.

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