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Demon Spells

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Casting phase will momentarily cause some portals to "fade" from existence, allowing the Sorcerer to pass through them briefly. Using CHANNEL on a container allows the sorcerer to reach into closed containers and possibly remove an item.

When cast at a non-corporeal creature, the Phase spell will turn it into a corporeal creature for 20 seconds + 3 seconds per warding failure. If cast at a creature with the ability to phase out of existence (banshees & Ithzir, for example) it will be prevented from doing so for the duration of 20 seconds + 3 seconds per warding failure. This only applies to creatures with unnatural hiding ability. Creatures with ?natural? hiding abilities like forest bendiths will not be prevented from hiding while under the effects of phase.

Phase can also be used on items in the sorcerer's inventory that are not worn. When cast at an item under 10 pounds that the sorcerer is carrying or has in their inventory, the Phase spell will make it weightless for 10 minutes + 6 seconds per sorcerer spell rank. Any items over 10 pounds will require training in Sorcerous Lore, Demonology, increasing by an additional 2 pounds with 3 ranks to a maximum additional weight increase of 34 pounds at 187 ranks (seed 3 of the summation chart). The maximum amount that anyone will be able to phase will therefore be 44 pounds. When cast at locked containers the spell will take into account the weight of the container and all its contents rather than just the weight of the container itself.

Casting Phase, Elemental Dispel, or Spiritual Dispel at an item that has been phased will dispel the phase. If the sorcerer drops the item that has been phased, this will also dispel the effects.

Note: Phased gear, such as weapons or wands, cannot be activated while in a phased state. Also, the self-cast version of this spell is intended to provide protection against creature maneuver attacks. This portion of the spell, however, will be going live concurrently with the maneuver system overhaul.

Successful Cast:

The finger-bone becomes somewhat insubstantial and appears lighter.


Your yellowed finger-bone flickers in and out of existence for a moment but then stabilizes. It seems heavier.


Cloak of Shadows -712

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The story surrounding 712 can be found here

Duration: 600 seconds +60 seconds for every Sorcerer spells known

Type: Defense/Attack

Cloak of Shadows does two things. Firstly it acts as a defense to the caster, cloaking him or her in shadows by providing the caster +25 Defense Strength (DS), +1 DS per Sorcerer spell ranks over 712, max at level. Additionally, Cloak of Shadows provides +20 Sorcerer Target Defense (TD), +1 for every 10 Sorcerer spells know over 712, max at level.

Due to the increasing bonuses of this spell, the mana cost is a base of 12, +1 for every 3 additional DS.

The second benefit of this spell is its retribution effect. The Sorcerer must cast Cloak of Shadows at themselves, then CHANT RETRIBUTION <spell number>, which causes the chanted spell to be cast at the target if the Sorcerer endures a physical attack. This retribution effect is a result of Demonology, which is not a sure science. The Sorcerer will not be able to always ensure that this retribution will be willing to strike the attacker for him.

Increased training in Sorcerous Lore, Demonology will aid the Sorcerer in ensuring the demon does his bidding. The Sorcerer well-versed in Demonology Lore may also find that this retribution is more easily able to strike his attacker. If the retribution is used in conjunction with a spell that does not allow the Shadow to strike out against a target (such as 130), it may still feel the need to do so and will turn upon its master.

Area affected spells, such as Quake or Major Elemental Wave, will not work with this spell.

Overtraining in Sorcerer spell ranks does not yield additional bonus past the caster's level.

A garrote attacker is subject to the Cloak of Shadows chant retribution effect when the victim wearing CoS is stunned.

Of note is that 50 ranks of demonology lore is what is needed to reduce 712 to is minimum failure of 5%. The higher level of spells you chant into your cloak, the more it will lash back so this is not allows a 5% failure rate. But when using low level spells, you will see that the failure rate is around 5%.


[Phase][Cloak of Shadows][Torment][Minor Summoning][Top]

Type: Attack

This spell allows a Sorcerer to summon a demonic force to do battle with the target of the spell. The demonic force, however, seeks some source for its rage and will turn on its summoner if it cannot successfully attack its target.

Control of this demon requires concentration in order to keep the demon's rage focused on the target. This concentration is enhanced by stance (the more offensive the better) and a sleeping or stunned target. All of these factors can decrease the Target Defense (TD) of the target.

The caster's concentration can be broken by their stance (more difficult to concentrate in defensive stances), injuries, being asleep or stunned, and having a spell prepared. Leaving the area the target is in can also lead to breaking the Sorcerer's concentration. All of these factors can increase the Target Defense (TD) of the target, which can create a potentially dangerous situation for the Sorcerer.

A Sorcerer with increased knowledge of Sorcerous Lore, Demonology will more easily be able to undertake spell preparation while controlling this force. If the Sorcerer does not have a spell in preparation, his skill may result in an increase in damage when the demon strikes.

The demon will remain in a raged state until either the target or the summoner is killed. It will then return to its demonic plane.

Also of note is that 100 ranks in demonology lore will fully train down the penalty for having a spell prepared to 0


Minor Summoning-725

[Phase][Cloak of Shadows][Torment][Minor Summoning][Top]

[Demon Abilities]

Duration: 600 seconds + 20 seconds per Sorcerer spell known + 30 seconds per Sorcerous Lore, Demonology rank known

Minor and relatively weak, but chaotic, creatures from a demonic plane will be able to be summoned with this spell. Minor Summoning is the stepping stone in a Sorcerer's study of the demonic valences. The creatures summoned generally pose very little threat to the Sorcerer calling upon them and are usually summoned for menial tasks.

In order to summon a demon from the demonic plane, the Sorcerer must get a demon runestone and cast Minor Summoning at the runestone. The valence of demon summoned is dependant upon the type of runestone used. In order to see what kind of demon runestone you are using, use the READ RUNESTONE command. It is possible to summon a specific type of demon within that valence, but it is much more difficult.

Increased training in Sorcerous Lore, Demonology will allow the Sorcerer to have better command of the demons he or she summons. Demonology training will also allow Sorcerers to instruct their demons to carry more coins for them, hold more mana for them, and to perform several other tasks.

Additionally, 50 ranks of Demonology Lore allow a Sorcerer to summon a demon by just specifying valence without a chance of failure. 100 ranks of Demonology Lore allow a Sorcerer to summon a demon by specifying valence and demon arche-type without chance of failure.

Succesful Summoning:

Your trace an arcane sigil over your runestone while incanting. Your runestone glows momentarily and you succeed in opening an interplanar rift from which you manage to pull a skinny chalky white imp.

Summoning to soon after failure or Succesful Summoning:

You trace an arcane sigil over your runestone while incanting but you feel weak from your recent forays into interplanar summoning so nothing comes of it.

Failure to Summon:

You trace an arcane sigil over your runestone, in an attempt to summon a demon from Grik'tyr but something goes wrong resulting in the explosion of forces beyond your control over your runestone.
... 20 points of damage!
Arm jerked painfully upward.
You are stunned for 2 rounds!
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Third person Failure to Summon:

Hakwea traces an arcane sigil over his runestone, but something goes wrong, causing an explosion over his runestone.
... 15 points of damage!
Elbow wrenched.
He is stunned!

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